Thursday, January 21, 2010

The "I'm With the Band" Project

In correlation with the "LOVESTRONG for LIVESTRONG" and "ROCK the RIDE and RUN" events, I'll be having auctions where various and sundry goods and services will be auctioned off.

As you have seen, I designed a t-shirt for the ROCK the RIDE and RUN event, as well as all 2010 FF/WC events, that will be made by Handlebar Mustache with the proceeds going towards our fundraising efforts for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. (More details to follow soon, but here's a glimpse at the shirt!  The first batch of shirts will be available for purchase at the LOVESTRONG for LIVESTRONG event.)

But, being the creative genius that I am, I wanted to come up with something kind of special to auction off at these events. Something relevant. Originally inspired by Lance's STAGES project, I started collecting art work from artists and individuals that convey the LIVESTRONG message. I have some great pieces coming in, BTW... I hope to have photos, soon!

But, sometimes it's the message behind something vs. the value that speaks to people. Those lovely LIVESTRONG wristbands speak volumes.

In my Twitter and Facebook life, I've been blessed to make direct connections with people who inspire me, that, otherwise, I'd never have the chance to speak to directly. So, I made a bold effort the other day. I contacted them directly to see if they'd be willing to participate in, what I hope, will be a very exciting fundraising project for LIVESTRONG that I'm calling "I'm With the Band".

The idea is to have various and sundry celebrities and notables sign a LIVESTRONG wristband and auction them off at these events. What boggles my mind is how quickly some folks came on board. A package of wristbands are now on their way to Liz Kreutz, as well as John Korioth. (Look them up if you don't know who they are already... I'll give you a hint... Comeback 2.0). I'm waiting to hear back from some other folks.

I'll update the group with the latest and greatest, of course. But I'm curious to see what heros, near and far, will decide to say, "I'M WITH THE BAND"! So far, thanks John and Liz!


  1. Just to note... the amazing Gary Fisher, as well as the impossible to duplicate, Ted King, are joining the Band!

  2. AS are Chris Brewer, Doug Ulman and others at the LIVESTRONG HQ!!!


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