Tuesday, December 29, 2009

18 Down, 24,982 to go

1274. 27.5.  10.2. 18. 24,982.

It's all a numbers game, right? That's what I'm always told. Whether it's sales, recruiting or fundraising, it's a numbers game. So, can you figure it out?

I'll help you with the last two. 18 down. The amount that is currently in my Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge account. 24,982 to go. Need I say more? $24,982 to go until I hit my goal for 2010.


That's a big number, isn't it? Or is it? Let's break it down...

I have approximately 10 months to raise $24,982. That's about $2,500 a month. $625 a week.

Still a big number.

Mind you, there will be events that, I hope, will yield bigger donations. And, along the way (why not today?) I'll meet "angel" donors that will make larger contributions.

If I'm lucky, as I hope to be, I may even find individuals and companies that will be willing to take a week and match any donations that come in dollar for dollar. (Oh, wouldn't that be great!)

The question is, how do I start? How's with this blog. When? This very moment.

2 days before the end of the tax year. It's a GREAT time to make a donation to a wonderful cause. It's an even better time to steer friends or family that are so inclined my way.

January and February are going to be tough fundraising months - this I know. Take the opportunity now.


If you do, I might tell you what 1274 is. :)

Let's just say... 2.0

And I ride for 18. And 26. And sadly counting.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Wait... you don't have cancer?

No, I don't. I've never had cancer. I hope I never will. My (non-existent) spouse does not. Thank G-d, neither do my children. Nor do my parents. An ex-boyfriend, after we broke up, beat testicular cancer. My grandmother died of cancer. My aunt survived breast cancer.

See, that's the question I get asked a lot when I tell people I'm a LIVESTRONG leader and "cancer fighter" and when they ask what kind of cancer I have/had. They expect that I have an amazing story, like I had cancer in all my organs, was doomed to die a slow and miserable death, with odds stacked against me, and I fought and beat cancer and made a miraculous recovery.


That's not me.

So why am I a LIVESTRONG Leader? And why do I seem so dedicated to a cause that is so far from me?

First, cancer isn't that far from you. One in three people around you will have cancer. Russian Roulette dictates you don't know who will get that bullet. Will it be you? Or one of the two people on either side of you? If you, personally, nor someone in your immediate family hasn't had cancer, count your blessings. Welcome to the minority.

Second, because we all know people who have cancer, either currently or in the past, it will touch us many different ways. What have I learned? That this is a disease that I had no idea was so close to me. Once I made people aware that I was involved in LIVESTRONG, I learned that several friends were, somewhat secretly, fighting cancer. They just felt that I didn't need to know so I wouldn't worry. Obviously, being involved in LIVESTRONG you befriend people who are currently battling cancer as well. So, yes, it may seem that, now, my circle of friends includes many more cancer fighters than before. But that may also just be a matter of how many of my friends were willing and open to talk about their battles vs. the LIVESTRONG friends that, clearly, are comfortable discussing it.

Ok. So these are all wonderfully high-level reasons. What's the real reason, the non-socially aware reason why? What drove you to LIVESTRONG in your gut.

I originally started cycling for the same reasons many people start doing things that seem out of the norm. To impress a boy. Yes, a grown woman with 2 children is subject to the same childhood stupidity as anyone.

But, as with all good things, this too shall end. And, while the relationship I was working towards didn't work out the way I'd hoped, I was left with one thing - cycling - and as much as I wanted to quit completely, because it reminded me of him, I couldn't. So, I had to try and find another reason, another thing to relate this new hobby to so that I didn't get nauseous everytime I get back on the bike.

I had become involved through a Grassroots effort, peripherally, as a result of a dare by him, so the LIVESTRONG program was already instilled in my thoughts. And I'd started to get involved with it a tad more through Twitter. Then, I met a former LIVESTRONG Challenge mentor, who encouraged me to become a leader. Which I did as soon as I got home.

And then I started speaking with other Leaders. Other LIVESTRONG cancer fighters. I started noticing the LIVESTRONG bands more and more and started to speak to them - we were from a similar pack. I started connecting with more and more people, befriending them, and then finding out that they were battling cancer. Or had just survived it. Or just lost someone to it.

I found my outlet. I found another purpose to continue cycling.

I'll tell you a  secret. Deep down, am I still cycling for the same, original purpose? Yes. My inner child and innermost parts of my heart still hope. (My curse). But it's not the only reason, anymore.

Anyway, I thought I'd share that so, next time, when people ask me "Why do you do so much for LIVESTRONG when you don't have/haven't had cancer?", I can just direct them to this blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Help My Friend Rica "Live Strong" | U N L O A D E D

Help My Friend Rica "Live Strong" | U N L O A D E D

My friend, Ricardo, kindly let me speak to his minions through his blog.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There is a difference between commitment and ambition.

I will be the last to deny the fact that I am one ambitious individual, and that I often set very lofty, and possibly unrealistic goals for myself. Ambition opens your eyes to new horizons. Ambition drives you to see beyond the limits and see the next frontier of possibilities. The same can be said about a visionary.

But, when that ambition drives you beyond the mere possibility, and turns the desire to commitment, you're talking about an entirely different animal. When you commit, you do not leave any wiggle room. No exit. You commit to seeing the endeavor to the end.

Yes, I am ambitious. Yes, I am dedicated. But I am committed.

I am committing myself from this moment to hit my goal. My first year in Austin will not just be for the LIVESTRONG Challenge, but the Ride for the Roses.

Can you commit? Time to train with me? Encouragement from afar? Spreading the word? A dollar?


Commit yourself with me. Join the team, one way or another. Make a difference.