Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Déjà vu... Cancer just won't go away

Darlene & Me at MK Seminar 2008
A year ago today, I was blown away by discovering that over Labor Day Weekend, my children raised over $800 for LIVESTRONG for my Grassroots attempt to ride 200 miles in one day (100 of which as part of Transportation Alternative's NYC Century) in honor of Darlene Berggren. (If you missed my interview with MOJOVATOR, listen in and you'll hear me talk about this attempt. It is what started my LIVESTRONG Leadership.)

This Labor Day Weekend, as I prepared for next week's NYC Century Tour, I counted the money collected yesterday by me and the kids for LIVESTRONG - totaling over $350 - and got word this morning that Darlene Berggren is in the process of being moved to hospice care.

Note the pink-rimmed photo button on the handlebars.
It's times like this morning that you realize how unfair things are. Believe me, without divulging too much, for me, I've been taught and retaught this lesson on a daily basis. It's just been one of those years for me. But I think anyone can understand how unfair this is. Darlene fought and beat cancer once. A year later, she was diagnosed a second time. A year later, she's still fighting.

I'm not in a condition to even attempt 200 miles in a day this year. I won't pledge to do 200 miles for Darlene knowing I won't be able to do it. But I do pledge to finish the NYC Century for her this year, with her photo on my bike just like last year. I promise to think of her every day until I hear she's done with cancer once and for all.

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