Monday, October 18, 2010

Nail biting...

I'm $165 away from reaching $3,000 for the Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge. I've been on pins and needles. We didn't hit the Ride for the Roses qualifying amount. We didn't hit the amount for Austin where I'd be able to walk away with an iPod. We're shooting for $3,000 for our fundraising efforts for Austin so I can bring my son to an awards dinner.

I've been anxious about it for days.

Moments ago, though, I realized, "What the hell am I biting my nails for?"

I have friends, as we speak, waiting on real pins and needs for tests and test results. My closest friend's father is in the process of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, after having won a battle with cancer not long ago, across the globe. I have another who was Tweeting about being in a waiting room, getting ready for some tests.

It's all about perspective.

That's what LIVESTRONG is about.

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