Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ch... ch... ch... ch... changes

Sometimes, making a change can be bad. Sometimes it can be liberating. And sometimes it can be both.

After long consideration, weighing options and sorting through the pros and cons, I made a difficult choice this weekend. I knew that I risked upsetting some individuals, but in the end, I know it was the right choice.

For friends & followers that might be looking for me on weekends when I'm not at an EFTA race, you won't find me at the Trek Bicycle Store of Fairfield. Instead, you'll have to take a quick jaunt down to Danny's Cycles at the Stamford, CT location. Lest this move confuse you, let me point out something: I work my full-time job in Stamford, CT. I can bike to Danny's Cycles' Stamford location (once I figure out how to avoid having to go uphill - oy!) as opposed to having to drive 45 minutes each way to Fairfield, CT every weekend day I worked. While I was raised in a home in Pound Ridge, NY, I've long considered Stamford, CT more of a home-base because 90% of my childhood, career and life is based around Stamford, CT. This was very much a practical move when the opportunity arose to work closer to home and in a city I've already got cycling connections to - aka, when I don't need my car after work, it's where I ride.

It also happens that, since Danny's provided amazing support at not one but two of my LIVESTRONG fundraisers (a bike was donated to the Melting Pot event in White Plains and Danny's provided mobile mechanical support for the ROCK the RIDE & RUN this year), I really appreciated the philosophy of this shop and their support of LIVESTRONG, so how could I say no?

The fact that they carry all 3 brands of bikes that I own (Trek, Raleigh & Bianchi) doesn't hurt, either.

I don't know what my schedule in-store is yet - keep an eye out or feel free to drop me a line.

Here's where I'll be calling my retail-cycling-home-base:

To my colleagues, friends and those I worked with, for and to serve in Fairfield, I wish you all the best!

And to the Stamford area? I'm coming home... (sung like Frank-n-Furter in "Rocky Horror Picture Show!")

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