Sunday, April 1, 2012

Contemplating taking it down...

After much thought, and recent feedback/comments/criticism, I've chosen to take down my Social Media accounts after tonight. I'm still debating the fate of this blog, as it seems to have rubbed people the wrong way, and instead of letting people peek into the life of a LIVESTRONG Leader & cancer fighter, it seems to have made me look like I was simply asking for hollow praise.

Clearly, none of my outreach has been helpful to anyone, and as recent comments on my blog state, I've been terribly selfish and egocentric about my LIVESTRONG Leadership.

I'm sure, in fact, that there will be little protest, and much happiness, if I shut down this blog, too.

So, thank you, Anonymous, for showing me the light. Perhaps now I can focus on my family, living strong, and who knows what else?

Besides, I'm sure there are others that will be better equipped to communicate LIVESTRONG's message than a survivor like me.

If you have my personal contact info, then you're the only ones I want to communicate with. If not, godspeed.


Update: Y'all know what today is, right? This is an April Fool's post. Of course, I'm not going to give in to Anonymous. I'm stronger than that. He's the coward for hiding behind the mask of anonymity & the hypocrite for criticizing and not doing.


  1. Rica - forgive me, but screw those folks that are judging you. We all know what you have been through and I know I have learned a great deal from reading your posts on FB, Twitter and your blog. You are not the type of person to let one person, who has NO CLUE about you, determine your actions. LIVESTRONG!!!

  2. Rica: how can you let anyone that hasn't walked the miles in your shoes make you to even think this way? I do understand sometimes people who haven't been on the journey, have NO IDEA what we go through! As for blowing your horn they are clueless. I am sure that those of us who have been there done that really would miss your informative and meaningful messages.
    I have been in a similar situation with Relay for Life. I was survivorship chair, there was no budget for anything. The executive committee was so unsupportive of any event for the survivor's (that is what the entire Relay for Life is about). I and my committee did however have amazing outside supporters. Still the powers at the top just wanted to look good. At our survivors oasis, (a place at Relay, that was a site among other teams where the survivors could call their own. We weren't about rising $$$$ we already did that by being on other teams involved. This was a place the survivors could come enjoy the day, be pampered and share their journeys with others who could really understand the feelings. Everything was free including raffles and beverages, even munches, after we had our luncheon. I say I can connect with what you are getting as feedback, because every way I turned there always was and under tone that I was trying to show off and make a name for myself. SO NOT TRUE! I did just what you are thinking about, I dropped out of being involved because of those small minded people. What A HUGE MISTAKE! I will go back to being involved in Relay and speaking at events around the state. By the time all was said and done, I was the one that really was hurt and I let myself down. Even though I/we had a fantastic turn out for all the survivors that day, I was so hurt. Afterword’s I have since had several people ask me to come back and they shared how they missed the Survivors Oasis.
    You should only stop blogging if that is something you feel lead to do, NOT because of the comments from small minded people. Please don’t make my Mistake!
    I hope this is an April Fools Joke? If so You got me.


I'm all about free speech, etc, but I have to ask that comments are respectful of other readers, the fact that I, and many of us who follow this blog, support LIVESTRONG, and that you reserve Lance or LIVESTRONG bashing for another forum. As of right now, I'm still allowing Anonymous postings, however, that may not be the case in the future. Thanks!