Friday, July 27, 2012

When one door closes...

... another door opens. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard this from my LIVESTRONG peers. And, in many ways, it's true.

A door slammed shut last week, and is locking shut today. As a result, I am planning on spending the next couple of weeks training my body back into some semblance of being fit in preparation for my cancer survivors' rock climbing expedition with First Descents.

I look to canoeing around the lake every morning, throwing some bike rides into my days, doing housework, and getting back into the day-to-day, physically. Yes, I have a couple of minor residual procedures to complete reconstruction, but, for the first time since last August, it should not interfere with physical efforts.

I look to my rock climbing trip in Colorado as a restart. (Though, I'm most unhappy at the prospect that I may break some nails - I've been working very hard to regrow them since Chemo - and they are splendidly long now!)

I won't lie - I've been terrified that this ending would put me in dire financial straits - more than before. But an interesting thing has been happening - I've been getting more and more interview requests, and from corporations that I've been trying to get into for years. Better than that, they are such interesting positions!

The coming months will be telling ones.

Will I find that "dream job" that will solve my career, and financial, needs? Will the best thing for my son be to continue high school here or in Boston with his father? Will I be able to regain my strength and athleticism and be able to ride 100 miles in Austin in October? Will I be able to get back on the mountain bike again?

Stay tuned...

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