Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why do I support LIVESTRONG? For those whose time ran out

As much as I hate to admit it, I can hold a grudge.

March 1980. December 2009. February 2010. I could go on and on listing months and years marking the loss of loved ones and those I knew who died fighting cancer. Lance articulated this last year at the 2011 LIVESTRONG Challenge when he explained these fighters didn't "lose" their battles. They were still fighting. But their "time ran out."

That means there is still a battle to be fought, even after they are gone.

For me, my war was waged to take revenge on cancer for taking my Gramma away from me when I was only in 1st Grade. Cancer had previously taken my other grandmother years before I was born. But Gramma was the only living grandparent I had. I was closer to her than any other person on this planet. Cancer robbed me of her in a matter of months.

The fact that it swept up a string of loved ones, friends and family members of those I encountered like a tidal wave within my first year of becoming a LIVESTRONG Leader didn't help.

Another fact is that once time runs out for our loved ones, we feel incapacitated. What's next for us?

Of course, we remember our loved ones.

But my grandmother was a fighter. The odds she fought in her life were incredible. She was a tiny woman, but she had more strength than 10 football players, physically and emotionally, if she needed it. She astounded me with her brawn.

Whether their time ran out today or 25 years ago, we can still continue our loves ones' fights. We can ride in their honor. We can run in their honor. We can raise funds to give back to others who are fighting where they left off.

If I know my grandmother like I think I do, there is no question in my mind that if she were alive today, she would have walked the 5k ROCK the RIDE & RUN this year with me in Pound Ridge, holding my hand, with pride. She might have even ventured on her gold and white 3-speed and ridden with me a bit to get me back on the bike.

So, I walk, ride and do what I can with her spirit in my heart, hearing her voice in my head, and knowing that the fight she fought isn't over until no one has to lose their Gramma the way that I did ever again.

Please help me support my war, and consider donating in memory of your loved one whose time ran out, today.

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