Tuesday, December 29, 2009

18 Down, 24,982 to go

1274. 27.5.  10.2. 18. 24,982.

It's all a numbers game, right? That's what I'm always told. Whether it's sales, recruiting or fundraising, it's a numbers game. So, can you figure it out?

I'll help you with the last two. 18 down. The amount that is currently in my Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge account. 24,982 to go. Need I say more? $24,982 to go until I hit my goal for 2010.


That's a big number, isn't it? Or is it? Let's break it down...

I have approximately 10 months to raise $24,982. That's about $2,500 a month. $625 a week.

Still a big number.

Mind you, there will be events that, I hope, will yield bigger donations. And, along the way (why not today?) I'll meet "angel" donors that will make larger contributions.

If I'm lucky, as I hope to be, I may even find individuals and companies that will be willing to take a week and match any donations that come in dollar for dollar. (Oh, wouldn't that be great!)

The question is, how do I start? How's with this blog. When? This very moment.

2 days before the end of the tax year. It's a GREAT time to make a donation to a wonderful cause. It's an even better time to steer friends or family that are so inclined my way.

January and February are going to be tough fundraising months - this I know. Take the opportunity now.


If you do, I might tell you what 1274 is. :)

Let's just say... 2.0

And I ride for 18. And 26. And sadly counting.


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