Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There is a difference between commitment and ambition.

I will be the last to deny the fact that I am one ambitious individual, and that I often set very lofty, and possibly unrealistic goals for myself. Ambition opens your eyes to new horizons. Ambition drives you to see beyond the limits and see the next frontier of possibilities. The same can be said about a visionary.

But, when that ambition drives you beyond the mere possibility, and turns the desire to commitment, you're talking about an entirely different animal. When you commit, you do not leave any wiggle room. No exit. You commit to seeing the endeavor to the end.

Yes, I am ambitious. Yes, I am dedicated. But I am committed.

I am committing myself from this moment to hit my goal. My first year in Austin will not just be for the LIVESTRONG Challenge, but the Ride for the Roses.

Can you commit? Time to train with me? Encouragement from afar? Spreading the word? A dollar? 

Commit yourself with me. Join the team, one way or another. Make a difference.

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