Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thus I digress

I want to keep this blog positive. However, a recent radio broadcaster (and I use that term lightly) chose to rant against cycling lanes being put into his home town. Rather than complain about logistical issues, town ordinances, etc, he chose to aim his wrath at the cyclists themselves, calling for them to be run down.

I was appalled. So, I sent the management team at ESPN the following letter:

Dear Bruce Gilbert, et al:

Why is Mr. Kornheiser still on the air after encouraging his listeners to run down cyclists? He wrongly stated that roads aren't made for cyclists (unfortunately, the government disagrees, and, in fact, cyclists have the right to ride FULLY in the lane, not only in shoulders, and are NOT ALLOWED to ride on the curbs), and, again, encourages violence against cyclists! What's next, run down the pedestrians pushing the baby strollers because they take too long crossing the street? Shoot down the elderly while they cross at a crosswalk because they move too slowly with their walkers?

I exaggerate, but I, personally, am an incredibly car-conscience cyclist. I ride 12-15 miles to and from work every day. And I've been hit 3 times in the past year - once by a driver who ran a stop sign, once by a driver who decided that I "didn't belong on the road" and didn't care to signal, and dragged me almost 10 yards around a corner, totalling my bike, and once by a driver who decided he didn't like me on his street, stopped short and backed into me - on purpose. All the while, I signaled properly, had plenty of reflective and lighting gear, allowed drivers who signaled or indicated they needed/wanted to pass or turn in front of me to do so, etc. I'm hardly the picture of the renegade bike messenger.

Bob Roll states the situation beautifully here:

But I am going to take it one step further.

Suspension, at the very least, is reasonable. Termination is requested.

And, no, an apology is not appreciated or acceptable. It's beasts like Mr. Kornheiser that gives people like the 2 men that purposely hit me with their vehicles, and nearly killed me, a mom of 2 and sole breadwinner for my children, justification for assault simply because they don't like the fact that I commute on 2 wheels and not 4.

- Rica Mendes

If you would like to read a transcript of the original broadcast, you can find it here:

If you would also like to make a complaint to ESPN, you may do so here:

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  1. WOW. Unreal. I couldn't stand that guy before, like him even less now. What a pompous, arrogant jerk. Hopefully ESPN will see that he's nothing but trouble and get rid of him. There's no place for that kind of hate talk in our world - haven't we got enough problems? Good job with your letter and thanks for the additional info.


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