Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's in a name? How's about a donation to LIVESTRONG?

I'm a sucker for naming things. Whether it's a cat to a child to a car, I name things. It's what I do. My Raleigh is affectionately known as my "Pink Cadillac". My Bianchi is "Eros" (I know, very original).

But, my newest addition to my stable has no name. I mean, sure, Trek gave it the eloquent name "3900", but you can't call that a name. That's merely a model number.

So let's give this a shot...

Here's a photo of the new bike:

Help me name this bike!

A few requirements:
  1. To be considered, I ask that you make a donation of at least $5 to my Austin LIVESTRONG Challenge account at: http://austin2010.livestrong.org/ricarockstheride828
  2. Once you have made your donation, leave a comment here along with your suggested name
  3. Because she's blue & white, and I lived in Israel, inclusion of something Israel-related would be much appreciated and likely for the highest consideration
That being said, I will MATCH - dollar for dollar - the winning name's contribution amount. (I will not choose the name based on how much you donated, but rather on how much I like the name.)

I know - it's nowhere near as exciting as Fat Cyclist's contests, but...

Oh. And I'll have a little something special to send the winning name's originator!

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