Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who says Video killed the Radio Star?

aka "Bring the Cheese On!"

Ok. Calling myself a "Radio Star" is an exaggeration. But that still totally applies to Tony Reno of WICC-AM in Bridgeport, CT. Thanks to the good folks at The Melting Pot (and their PR folks at CPR Media Services), a radio interview was arranged this morning at 9:00 am (stay tuned - I may have a link to a recording soon!). While it meant that I had to leave my darlings to catch the bus on their own (since no one called to say that the house burned down, or that two wandering gremlins were discovered roaming the streets, I can safely say they made it to the bus in one piece), I was thrilled to be able to promote the message of LIVESTRONG and the efforts we're putting forth locally to raise funds and awareness.

I'll admit it - I was afraid that I'd drop the f-bomb. Not that I drop the f-bomb that frequently, but, as I explained to Tom Arbon, one of the account managers at the station, it's like when you learn how to mountain bike. You're told to keep your eyes on the trail and not to look at that tree in front of you. Don't look at it - don't even think about it - because if you do, you're damned to crash into it. I was afraid that I'd be on live radio what I am on the mountain bike trail - the idiot that works so hard to avoid thinking about the tree that I crash into it and make a fool of myself.

But I didn't.

Tony & Mike and Stormin' Normin (from sister station WEBE-108) were so friendly, as was Erin and the station manager Ann McManus, that I felt so welcome as a guest. Erin told me that Tony makes it so easy to be interviewed, and she was absolutely right. We joked before going live, and next thing I know, we're talking about Lance on-air, the Foundation, how my son missed meeting Lance because "some guy" by the name of Patrick Dempsey was in the way while we were in Austin, and why I got involved with LIVESTRONG. Our first commercial break was upon us, and then we got to focus on our upcoming Melting Pot Fondue-Raisers, first in Darien on March 10, then in White Plains on March 31 as well as the ROCK the RIDE & RUN on April 10.

Hopefully, we'll get some new RSVPs and registrants. But, at the very least, we got to spread the word about LIVESTRONG, hopefully inspire some folks to join the fight and made great friends with the crew at Cumulus in Bridgeport.

Here is the interview:

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