Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Danny's Cycles, one of our sponsors and the folks who will be providing mobile support at our ROCK the RIDE & RUN on April 10, has just upped the ante for our raffle at our Melting Pot Fondue-Raiser benefiting LIVESTRONG tomorrow night

How would you like to go home with a TREK FX BIKE?!? These are fantastic bikes for riders of all experiences! A frame light enough to compare to a road bike, the handlebars and shifting system comparable to a mountain bike, and the style and comfort of a hybrid! I'm not exaggerating when I say I love these bikes for their flexibility! You can ride them on a bike path (not a bike trail, but a path) as easily as on the road! When I did the LIVESTRONG Challenges last year, I saw folks doing the 100 mile as well as the 25 mile on these bikes - and they were keeping up with all the roadies! It's not too much bike for those just getting into the sport, but it's fierce enough that an experienced cyclist will enjoy the ride! (I'm waiting for details on the exact model, but I can say with all assurances, there is no model that is bad!) Thank you so much, Steve!

Show up and/or contact me for information about the raffle and the event! Hope to see you soon!

RSVP today if you haven't already (when making a reservation, be sure to mention that you're coming for the LIVESTRONG event!):
The Melting Pot (White Plains)
(914) 993-6358

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