Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 more days until we ROCK the RIDE & RUN for a second year in a row!

Want to find me Sunday morning at, oh, 7am?
I'll be the one looking like this.
Are you getting butterflies yet? I know I am. I sent an email to the folks who will be volunteering and manning tables on Sunday apologizing. You see, I know how I get in the hours preceding a big event that I'm running. So, I apologized in advance for the fact that I may speak in broken sentences, with a faster cadence than Lance used to win his 7 Tours de France, and, well like a chicken with my head cut off.

I'm not quite there yet, but as you can see to the right, I've found my pre-event outfit.

Anyway, the support and generosity we've received in the past few days is ridiculous! Registrations are still flowing in, sponsors are coming up with great swag items, deals and raffle prizes. I'm getting volunteers this year so I won't have to worry. (Of course, I need to get on my bike this week so I don't look like I'm riding like a chicken with my head cut off and make a fool of myself.)

So, do you want me to list some of the prizes to be raffled off? How does a 4-person tent from REI sound? Gift cards from RoadID? Handmade jewelry from COURSE? Lance Armstrong & Team RadioShack memorabilia? A book signed by a Real Housewife? A Mary Kay gift basket...

And speaking of which, in our little LIVESTRONG Village, after the ride and run, participants and passersby alike can get their "before" shots taken by me and other Mary Kay Consultants so they can enter the Mary Kay Makeover Contest, in which the winner gets to give $2,500 of Mary Kay's money to the charity of your choice (LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG... how's that for subtlety?)! (Oh, and you can win $2,500 for a vacation for yourself, too.)

Did I mention that it's not supposed to rain? It's not going to be too cold? That there will be an antiques market and farmers market within walking distance? That local businesses are participating by giving special offers to those registered and their friends & families?

Oh, right. And we have three, count 'em, three bands performing!

Shoot. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I've darn near given you the shirt off my back... oh, RIGHT! You get a free t-shirt if you register for the 5k run/walk or 30-mile ride. (Or, you could always order one for yourself, but $25 a shirt vs. $36 registration fee? Your call.)

So, if you aren't registered yet (and you can register to participate virtually if you can't make it in person - just email me after you've registered online and let me know that's what you're doing so I can mail you your swag bag!), GET ON THAT INTERWEB THING AND REGISTER NOW!


Let's ROCK the RIDE & RUN to benefit LIVESTRONG, PEOPLE! Cancer needs a swift kick in the boo-tay. Let's do it LIVESTRONG style!

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