Friday, January 20, 2012

White Plains/New Rochelle is not the center of the non-NYC universe!

I'm going on the record, here, in a plea to all cancer organizations who claim to "service" Westchester County, NY.


There is a large population of people in Northern Westchester that is unable to use public transportation, who are screaming for assistance! Mount Kisco, Lewisboro & Bedford have significant populations, and, unlike the Lower Westchester residents, we are left isolated!

For many of us, our Connecticut neighbors are far closer and accessible by public transportation than White Plains! But, because we are New York residents, we can't use them!

Please set up some satellite offices! And just because we are getting treatment in Connecticut, do not assume that we're "taken care of" or doing so to deny our New York roots!

And to those that provide the services, learn the geography of the county you serve! And I don't just mean looking at a map, I mean take a long look to see what it takes to get to White Plains! If I look at a map, it may look like, going from the border of one Northern Westchester town to yours, it's just a quick jaunt. But actually map out the route and you'll see it can be an ordeal, especially when you're in treatment.

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