Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Contact Submission to Susan G. Komen in response to their withdrawal of funds to Planned Parenthood

To say that my reaction to Susan G. Komen's foolishly dangerous withdrawal of grants to Planned Parenthood, which was primarily used for breast examinations, was strong is an understatement. I've never been a fan of Komen, but this had me seething. If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen some of my reactions.

My friend, Liza, pointed out that sharing the article isn't enough, but that we should make our opinions known directly to Komen. And she was right.

So, I went to and selected "Report Improper Conduct" as my reason for contacting them. I uploaded a copy of the NPR article, and wrote the following report:


I am horrified to report that, apparently, Susan G. Komen has employed individuals capable of damaging the ability for women to get aid with breast examinations. It appears that President Elizabeth Thompson, and others, made the decision, and stand by the notion that cutting funds to Planned Parenthood, which provided me with women's healthcare several times while I was in financial situations that prevented me from going to a doctor's office, and provided (until NOW), thousands of other women with breast examinations and other crucial screenings in preventing breast and other cancers that affect women, is a good idea.

I write to you not only as a woman, but as a breast cancer fighter myself.

I acknowledge that, yes, my initial mammogram was in a bus that received funding from Susan G. Komen, but I'm quite certain that the hospital could have received that funding from any number of other organizations had Komen said, "No." And I'm also very certain there is a huge level of "buyer's remorse" now by the folks that accepted that grant.

I was never a fan of Komen, to be truthful. As a marketing professional, and non-profit advocate, I've long had a distaste for the manner in which Komen has glamorized a most unglamorous disease and battle. And the manner in which Koman has laid claim to the phrase, "for the cure," and the color pink itself, has made my stomach churn.

Komen was already on my black list when I was first diagnosed, and I called and emailed repeatedly and never got a response from a single soul, when seeking help and resources. Well, that isn't entirely true - you added me (without permission) to your solicitation list.

But this takes the cake.

No, you aren't going to get any donations from me. And I will very happily explain to any friends or family that ask me to donate to their walks, runs or "whatevers" "for the cure" they are participating in why I refuse to give Komen one red cent, as much as I may love them. I will happily convert them to another cancer non-profit that, regardless of my stance on abortion, women's rights, etc, has been steadfast by my side.

But I will take this one step further. I will be calling meetings, writing, and meeting with every single entity that I'm involved with - from the largest women's organization in the world to the smallest boutique in town - that have an affiliation with Susan G. Komen to show them what hypocrites you are and present them with alternatives.

You cannot say that you support women and withdraw support from such a vital organization like Planned Parenthood.

Welcome to the Boy's Club. And enjoy the fall.


  1. Komen backed down... How great it would be if LiveStrong would now also pledge $600,000.00 to ANY care organization to also directly fund needed cancer screening for poor people in this country.

    1. They DO pledge money to ANY care organization that directly funds cancer screenings for poor people in this country AND globally! There are some groups that get funded already, and there are currently the Community Impact Project nominations underway. If you have an organization in mind that is currently not getting funding, feel free to nominate them here:

      You can also go to to see where their money goes.

      What did you, Anonymous, think LIVESTRONG did with their money?

      Here's a thought: Perhaps Komen shouldn't have HAD to back down by not having stopped the grants in the first place? And, from a PR perspective, short of Nancy Brinker and Karen Handel stepping down or being fired, they may not be able to repair the damage.


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