Friday, February 3, 2012

Patriots fan? Giants fan? No matter, we all hate cancer, right?

I've got a Kick Cancer Super Bowl Pool open from now until Sunday at 5:30 pm EST. The good news? For every $10 donated, you get one square on the grid. The better news? The winners of the pool will get some awesome LIVESTRONG SWAG, including backpacks, t-shirts, hats, etc. The really great news? You'll have taken strides to help LIVESTRONG support survivors and fighters, like me, kick cancer straight through the goalposts and out of the stadium.

I beat cancer in my last Super Bowl matchup - chemotherapy was the field, and I scored the final touchdown.
Enter my Super Bowl pool, and help me and others fight for survivorship with Team LIVESTRONG.

Good luck!

(Of course, maybe I should make Pats fans pay $20... :)  Nah, it's all good. A die-hard NY fan like me is willing to look the other way... this time.)


  1. Wow, what am I hoping for? A tee shirt, I think...though I look HO-rendous in yellow! One more reason to look forward to Sunday's game. SWAG!

  2. Oh, yes, no one is a fan of cancer. But yay for the NY Giants!


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