Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Speaking Engagement: The Rotary Club of Northern Westchester - 10/26

Yesterday, I took the kids to the Family Fall FunFest so the kids could bounce around. I brought my backpack just in case the kids did any crafts or got any goodies. Good thing, too. While many of my friends that volunteer and work for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (survivors and supporters) were riding in the Ride for the Roses in Austin, Texas, and getting ready for the LIVESTRONG Challenge, I decided that I should do something positive. So, I donated blood (they had a bus at the school for the day).

Once I was done donating, I caught up with the kids in the cafeteria, where they were making some Halloween crafts. I noticed that the Rotary Club had sponsored the event. I thought to myself that there could be a nice opportunity to invite some women interested in charity work to the Taste of Yellow event on November 11. I introduced myself to the lady handling the hot chocolate, and, when she asked a little more about LIVESTRONG, I remembered that I had some of the Taste of Yellow flyers in my backpack. As I was getting the flyers out of my bag, she got very excited and asked, if by chance, I was free Monday night. Usually, I have my Mary Kay meeting, but I told her that it depended - what did she need? She asked if I'd be willing to speak at their dinner on Monday night. It turns out that their planned speaker canceled, and they didn't have anyone to fill in.

I told them I'd be happy to fill in, as long as she would come to the Taste of Yellow! She smiled, said she'd do her best, so I told her I'd be there!

So, tomorrow evening, I'll be speaking on behalf of our local LIVESTRONG Army, and hopefully gain the support of the Rotary Club!


  1. That's great. It sounds like you are already one step in the direction of their support. Especially if that woman has any say in the matter. :)

  2. The speaking engagement went VERY well, as a matter of fact! Thank you!


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