Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weight lifted... sigh of relief, what's next?

It's hard being far away and in a position of not being able to hold a hand when you want to. My friend, and Mary Kay colleague, Carolyn, was just diagnosed with a brain tumor a week or two ago. Understandably, she was overwhelmed. While I have LIVESTRONG friends who are available to her, she isn't in a place, yet, to accept their help. For now, all I can do is wait for updates from our Mary Kay National, Lisa Allison.

I knew that she was going in for her first surgery yesterday, so imagine my relief when I saw Lisa's update on Facebook:
Lisa Allison
My Director, Carolyn came out of the surgery today after 5 hours just fine. In fact, she is telling jokes and laughing already. She's moving her body with no problem. They only had to take a small portion of hair where the very small incision... was and she still has her beautiful red hair!! She is in intensive care right now and will be moved to a room within two days. Thanks so much for your continous prayers.
 I hope that, soon, Carolyn is in a place where she can accept the holding hands of my LIVESTRONG friends, as not only will she have the organization at her beck and call, but they can hold her hand in my place.

Her fight is just beginning, but so far, so good. Please keep her in your thoughts.

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