Tuesday, February 16, 2010


To say that a good time was had by all was an understatement. Some amazing last minute additions to the roster, and auction items blew me away! One item, thanks to Dave Wiens, came in with hours to go, and major potential, that we're going to auction that item online, as I don't think anyone expected a Dave Wiens Leadville 100 Belt Buckle in a signed box to be on the roster! (And, no one budgeted for it! Honestly - I didn't even know where to begin the bidding! So, through the suggestion of an interested party, we're going to put it up on eBay.)  As you can see, Dave's generosity yielded an additional $750 to the LOVESTRONG for LIVESTRONG fundraising efforts! HUZZAH!

Enjoy the pics below! And, about $1,200 raised later, we'll be back for our next event ROCK the RIDE and RUN! (And, don't forget, still not too late to order your "We're With the Band" t-shirts!)

Special thanks to TARGETRAINING, Handlebar Mustache, SBC-Southport, Body Graffiti Tattoos, Dave Wiens, Liz Kreutz, John Korioth, Gary Fisher, Ted King, Maria Olmedo and everyone else who participated!

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