Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The long anticipated WITH THE BAND project has LAUNCHED!

The first batch of wristbands went up for auction in February, but if you want to see what was sold... (Ted King's contribution, I'm told, was en route from Europe, so forgive me, that auction will be delayed and, obviously, the photo is pending... )

I assume that it goes without saying that I am eternally indebted to these individuals who, for starters, trusted me with their personal information and, who chose to participate in this project to raise money for the LAF.

This first auction will ran on eBay for 1 week.

The listings can be found at:

Let's pull some rabbits out of our hats and rally some big bucks for LIVESTRONG!

OH... and for any other pro-cyclists, celebrities and guests that think their name might be worth putting on a LIVESTRONG wristband for auction, please contact me at rmendes.LIVESTRONG@gmail.com! It's not too late to participate! I'll get you your wristbands, marker and self-addressed/paid envelope as soon as you say you're in!

All of the bands from the February auction were sold and mailed out already... getting ready for the next batch of wristbands... want to know who from?

That's right! Ted King!

And Joao Correia, also of Team Cervelo!

Sergio Paulinho of Team RadioShack shipped his back from Portugal.

A batch is en route tonight to Nate Weston, of the Fuji Test Team...


  1. Now boarding... Joao Correia just said he's IN! Wristbands in the mail to Joao tomorrow!

  2. Uh, and according to Joao, though Sergio may not know it yet, so is Sergio Paulinho of Team RadioShack!

  3. Thanks. Of course, the wristbands are part of the LIVESTRONG brand, and these are the official LIVESTRONG wristbands. Only, they were signed by these pros and friends. By no means am I advocating making your own LIVESTRONG wristbands. If you want to get plain LIVESTRONG wristbands, you can get them at: http://www.store-laf.org/wristbands.html

    Or, if anyone wants, you can donate $5 or more to my LSC account at http://austin2010.livestrong.org/faf/donorreg/donorpledge.asp?ievent=330110&supId=272191164 and send me an email, and I'll send one to you!


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