Monday, December 20, 2010

Is it boredom or necessity that is the mother of invention?

Without going into too much detail on the absolute origins, I got it into my head to make things out of other things. Specifically, cycling things. Things to use on a bike or to be made from pieces of bikes. Material is repurposed, satisfying the Oberlin-educated environmentalist in me. Material is free, satisfying the cheapskate in me. And it's unexpected, satisfying the surrealist in me.

Throw it into a bowl, a weekend of too much t.v. and a pair of pliers, and voila! COURSE is born (or reborn - COURSE "Classic" is not dead, just in stasis).

So, bringing you a new way to fundraise for LIVESTRONG, I present COURSE:

A percentage of every sale of every item will be donated to LIVESTRONG (most items specify how much in their description).

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