Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post-Treatment Bucket List

Despite some contraversy on Facebook a couple of years ago, a Bucket List was bouncing around. There have been things on my life-long bucket list, but now, I'm putting together a new Bucket List. A Post-Treatment Bucket List.
  1. Race the Tour d'Israel as a member of Team LIVESTRONG and make it an annual LIVESTRONG opportunity
  2. Go back to Israel. And do so with great frequency
  3. Do a Warrior Dash for LIVESTRONG (AND WHO IS GOING TO JOIN ME?!?!?!)
  4. Do a Muddy Buddy for LIVESTRONG (again, WHO IS GOING TO BE MY BUDDY?)
  5. Do a Spartan Race for LIVESTRONG
  6. Do a Death Race for LIVESTRONG (Ironic, no?)
  7. Become a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, already!
  8. Build my bike garage under the porch
  9. Build that lawn furniture I've been sketching for years
  10. Go on an all-inclusive cruise & vacation, without the kids or with serious child care, to the Caribbean and then visit Oaxaca, Mexico and hike the wilderness and have custom-made chocolate bars
  11. Treat the kids to a no-holds-barred Disney Experience
  12. Ride the Leadville 100
  13. Fight the insurance industry's obnoxious belief that they are smarter than anyone else and can use legal loopholes and the finest of print to screw people who are too afraid to fight them out of procedures and healthcare that they are entitled to
  14. Finish my house
  15. Hire a regular housecleaner so I never have to waste a second of my life cleaning the house, which I suck at anyway
  16. Get a Gary Fisher 29er and finally become the mountain-biker I know I have somewhere within
  17. Ride alongside Lance Armstrong

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