Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm on TV! How exciting is this?!

So, who's joining us tomorrow night for the Fondue-Raiser at the Melting Pot in Darien?!


  1. When and where did you "Ride 185 miles"?

    1. In my attempt to ride 200 miles for LIVESTRONG a couple of years ago, I didn't make it the full 200 because I hurt my leg. I bailed out of the NYC Century Tour towards the end of Queens, then had to ride to the closest subway station,(which, at the end of the day, would have been about as much as it would have taken me to finish Queens). I took the train back to Stamford and then rode the rest of the way to where I left my car.

      Bear in mind that I don't like hills. I hate hills. And I (stupidly) figured that NYC had no hills so I thought it would be a piece of cake. I'm chalking it up to beginner's stupidity that I thought that would work.

      I also stupidly listened to a friend who dared me to ride the 200 without realizing that 200 miles in one day is a HUGE deal. I was kind of like Wyle Coyote when he runs off the cliff - it wasn't until I talked to enough cyclists on the NYC Century Tour about what I was trying to do that it sunk in that 200 miles in one day is not normal.

      I'm not sure if it's going to be this year, but I plan on building up to the point where I can successfully finish 200 miles. (If only I can find a nice, flat 200-mile course.)

    2. NYC Century Tour is 200 miles?
      Not from what I remember.

    3. Sorry - if you are new to the blog, my whole adventure as a LIVESTRONG leader started with this attempt. After doing my first 100 mile ride solo, without any support, my friend scolded me and told me to do the 200 mile ride with support. Since there aren't any 200 mile rides around here, I decided to compromise - I was going to ride 50 miles to NYC for the start of the NYC Century Tour, ride the full 100 mile NYC Century Tour, and then ride all the way home. That got derailed by the hamstring/knee injury, so I did my best to compensate for the lost distance without hurting my leg anymore.

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